Find out how Services and Jobs are related and why they're not the same.

A Service in Onkho is a headline description of something that you do for a Client. Think of it as what you would put in the letter of engagement that your Client signs.

A Job on the other hand is what you do at a point in time to provide a Service.

So for example:

  • Providing annual accounts for a limited company is a Service.
  • Providing annual accounts for a limited company for the year ending 4th April 2015 is a Job.

What this means of course is that you can't have Jobs without Services!

To make life easier, Onkho offers a rich Service catalogue containing a collection of pre-built Services that are commonly provided by accountants and bookkeepers. However, if you are creating a bespoke service or find that your service is not available in the catalogue, you can of course create new services from scratch.

Services are called smart services because they know how to schedule themselves. This means that when you add a service to a client all associated jobs will be automatically created and be visible in your planner.

So for example:

  • Adding the 'annual tax return' Service to a Client will automatically schedule a Job to be completed by the 31st January every year.
  • Of course, if your Client doesn't use electronic submission, then the tax return Job will be scheduled to be completed by 31st October every year instead!

With Smart Services, setting up the work you need to do is as easy as a couple of clicks!