What's the differences between Clients and Contacts?

A Contact is anyone who you may need to get in touch with for your business. That means Contacts aren't just your Clients, they're also your employees, your suppliers, your prospects, your professional contacts etc.

Clients are special Contacts - they're ones that you supply Services to.

So, what this means is:

  • All Clients are Contacts
  • Not all Contacts are Clients

Why is this important? Because this is how it is in the real world....your world!

You get a single address book for all your business Contacts whether they are Clients or not. That means the bad old days where your Contact details were held in lots of different place e.g. mobile phone, email address book, spreadsheets etc. are finally over.

So for example:

  • You do an annual tax returns for Tom, so he's a Client.
  • Tom was referred to you by your bank manager Dick, so Dick is a Contact.
  • Harry is a consultant you work with for complex tax planning, so Harry is a Contact.
  • You will see contact details for Tom, Dick and Harry in the same place.

With onkho, you get one global address book. Full stop.