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Planner Customisation is not sticking anymore.

Onkho had been staying at Planner - no bottom panel and list per client with the current month on view whenever I opened it for the last couple of weeks both when using Firefox or Chrome.

However since last week every time I open Chrome I am having to log back into Onkho when I open Chrome and it has reverted back to jobs planned in the bottom panel and at May 2018 and jobs due in the top panel with October on view.

If I open Onkho in Firefox I do not have to log in but it opens with the same planner display as in Chrome.

This is a bit annoying as I reset the customisation every time.

I've gotten in touch with Pamela yesterday about the issue she is having and I suspect it's fixed now! Just waiting for her to confirm whether that's the case.

It is still playing up, I just have not had a chance to contact you to have a look as I am under deadline pressure.  I will get in touch on Friday, if that is ok,

I am still getting 2 panels instead of the client only one and instead of May 2018 it is reverting to a 7 day calender in both panels instead of the month I keep it at.

Sorry to hear that - I'm sure we can get it sorted on Friday then! 

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